"Ms. Ashworth visit two of our Goddard Schools located in the Houston area. Her presentations are very interactive and hands on. During her visit the children read the book My Big Tree and they also did a craft. The presentation were adapted to the children's age range. The children and teachers loved the book My Big Tree. The book has cute illustrations and it also helps children with counting, sharing, cooperation, teamwork, and friendship. We definitely will invite Ms. Ashworth to visit our school again"-Michele Vasquez

"Thank you so much for your time and all of your inspiring ideas.  After our interview, the kids went to their librarian and were beaming from the experience!  They had so much fun filling her in on all of the wisdom you shared with them.  You gave us so many tools and ideas to cultivate in class to help them grow them grow as authors.  I can’t tell you enough how much the experience meant to us." -Ms. Bailey & Ms. Kent, 2nd Grade, Cody Elementary, Iowa (Skype Visit)