Middle-Grade  Novel, Ages 7-12

Temple, Courtesan or Beckoning Cat are a few of the many tales told about the figurine that sits on the shelves in Japanese restaurants all over the country. Sushi Kitty, reveals another legend for the display of that white cat statue.
Kitty, a young woman, in Japan during the 17th century, desires to change traditions and the thinking of those around her. For hundreds of years, sushi has been considered an art, crafted and dominated only by men. Kitty’s aspirations tempt her into a quandary that could affect her and her entire family forever. Sushi Kitty brings the reader on a journey of how one’s determination can influence their dream into a reality. Fans of A Single Shard and the movie Brave will be taken in by her restricted world and cheer her on as she proves that her determination and passion is of 
a true sushi champion.

2018 American Book Fest Finalist