"It is important to be kind and be the one who will help when someone finds it difficult to help themselves. There will be times when someone needs a listening ear so it is important to be a good listener and also to say sorry. To be kind in times when no one is kind is a virtue by itself and along with that it is also important to be respectful, say please and thank you, and give to anyone who needs more than you. Always do the right thing when no one is watching and share a hug when someone requires it. Sharing things with those who have less than you is important and it is always important to remember what is right and what is not, and bring kindness into the world. 

Be The One by Maria Ashworth beautifully tackles the topic of being kind and bringing peace to others when required. The story will encourage young readers to become mindful and make a difference to the world with their positive actions and words. Cristiana Palestini brings the author's concept to life with her lively and colorful illustrations, making them tangible to young readers. This book is a perfect tool to help children practice good words, thoughts, and deeds. The author speaks about it in a very elegant and simple way, making it easy for everyone to incorporate these acts of kindness into their daily lives. Everyone should do their bit to spread kindness, peace, and happiness in the world. This book makes those valuable lessons palpable. It is an excellent book for storytelling sessions in classrooms and school libraries and can be used at home for bedtime storytelling to inculcate good values in children."

                               -Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

"Your new book coming out is amazing!! So perfect for everyone! What great words and illustrations. We can't wait to have it in our library!"
                               -Elizabeth Oakes, Bright School Librarian, Tennessee

"I enjoyed reading “Be the One: Spreading Peace and Kindness” by Maria Ashworth with illustrations by Christiana Palestini, a children’s book dedicated to all who bring peace and kindness to the world. The story shows children the importance of caring about others and the illustrations are simple, colorful and eye-catching. The story shows it’s important to like yourself and be proud of yourself – something which is very important to this busy and hectic world. I thought it was an excellent book as well as an early reader primer. Very well done!"



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BE THE ONE inspires those 2-102 to make a difference in this world. Whether it be feeding the homeless or sharing a hug. Any gesture big or small can brighten someone's day. We challenge you to "BE THE ONE."