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Public/Private Schools

         In the visit, the author will discuss where ideas come from, what inspired her stories, her writing journey and how books get on the shelf. For grades 2 and up, it'll include a discussion on the writing process and the difference of "show versus telling" with an emphasis on the six writing traits. The students will have a sneak peak into upcoming projects. It'll culminate with a Q & A and a distribution/signing of books. 
Teaching tools are available to accompany books upon request. 

         The presentation will inspire children to realize dreams really do come true.

Program length: An hour.


        The author will read her books, create a craft and/or a game that correlates with the books.
The autographed books will be distributed at this time.  
Program length: Varies

                  **A signed contract is required by both parties.

Speaking Workshops

"How to Publish Your Book Today"  

Topics covered include: the basic components of self and traditional publishing, the publication process, differences between adult and picture book genres, publishing methods, cost, technical details, marketing tips, editing and a step-by-step plan to publish. This program is for writers, editors, bloggers, journalists, columnists, speakers, business owners, poets and more. 1-2 hour program. 

“The Author’s Platform Using Social Media”
How does one build readership? Learn ways to establish your brand and build your platform using social media. Great for writers and the general public. 1 hour program

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